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As many of you know, we have an upcoming hearing in front of the Los Angeles Planning Commission on June 28th. Unfortunately, the hearing is "anytime after 8:30 AM" and is in the city hall in Van Nuys (details in our calendar section). Not exactly convenient to Playa del Rey. However, if you are unable to attend you can submit your comments in writing to the board, but there are specific rules for submission. Follow the link below for the submission guidelines. SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS MONDAY, JUNE 18th so this is time sensitive!! Among the rules you'll see that in addition to an email you have to send 7 hard copies to the board. To ease the strain this causes we are collecting hard copies at Clean Aesthetic, 323 Culver Blvd, up until 6PM Sunday evening and will hand deliver them by end of business Monday.

So please get out your typing fingers, check out our "Rules of Engagement" (linked below), and let them have it.

Remember our key talking points:

We want to preserve the character and scale of our community.

Visual Impact: Don't destroy our iconic coastal and scenic views.

We want the project to adhere to our long-standing 37 foot height limit.

We want a full Environmental Impact Report to inform the community about the risks posed by the toxic plume underneath the old Del Rey Cleaners.

We aren't opposed to development, just IRRESPONSIBLE development.

We are not NIMBYs, we are RIMBYs (Responsible In My Back Yard)

We want the project to provide adequate parking as called for in the California Coastal Act

Feel free to comment here or email with any questions or concerns. Thanks!!



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