Playa Guardians Statement on the Planning Commission Hearing

I’d like to clarify the communities position post Appeals Hearing. We did not lose Thursday. The City Planning Commission denied our Tract Map Appeal and failed to reach a decision on the Directors Determination which includes the Coastal Development Permit. This also means there was no decision from the City Planning Commission on the validity of the Del Rey Lagoon Plan. We already have recent decisions on the validity of the Del Rey Lagoon Plan from the Area Planning Commission and the California Coastal Commission (affirming its validity) and no decision from the City Planning Commission.  This means it now goes to the City Council. This is exactly where we need to be. The fact that there was  no decision from the City Planning Commission works in our favor.

When it gets to City Council the Tract Map will have to be heard with the Coastal Development Permit since you can approve a project in the Coastal Zone without including the parcel of land that it sits on. Another bite at that apple. Stay engaged, we’re doing just fine. This is how the sausage gets made.


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